Saeedeh & Samira are twelve years old Iranian identical twins born in the vicinity of the city of Maragheh, East Azerbaijan. They are from a family with a high incidence of identical twins; their mother has a twin brother. They are always together.They are spiritually connected. Feeling each other’s presence, leads the twins to an infinite sense of joy and happiness and provides them with a high degree of comfort and security. This dependency leads to some similar behaviors, more noticeable than their similar figure and gesture. When they go to sleep, this innate tendency converts them back into a single being. They have the same dreams sometimes. They feel aligned with their presence at their side and pushed into an infinite supply of a rapturous sense of security. Such a powerful connection between two human beings with the same attitude, talents and similar interests, manifest the masterpiece of creation. I also heard that identical twins have telepathic connections between them. In this project I capture the very precious period of their growth from being children to teenagers, physically as well as psychologically.